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What is SiteUnity?

SiteUnity is a web application framework for

It's developed to increase efficiency and help to build complex web applications. SiteUnity, which uses the most agile methods and development principles, is highly customized, easy to understand and replaces functions with more powerful ones.

SiteUnity uses its own architecture to maintain the web pages. This makes code easier to understand, flexible, powerful and simple. SiteUnity has a plenty of modules for different tasks like sliders, comment module, social integration, context module, rating, navigation, etc... These modules are optimized for performance and maintenance.

Dependencies for Installation

To develop a project, you need:

  • IIS Express 7.5 or IIS 7.
  • Vusial Studio 2010, if you use IIS Express 7.5
  • SQL Server Express or other versions of Mssql


  • You must use database which provided in solution.

Get Involved

We are very willing to developers get involved with SiteUnity project.

Visit us on site or send an email to

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